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About Our Foundation

A registered Canadian Charity founded in 1987, the Ardeleana Chamber Music Society has been promoting creativity within communities for over thirty years, actively seeking to develop and engage a community of artists, musicians, poets, and creative souls of all types. Operating out of Parry Sound, Ontario, the Whispering River Orchestra and the Riversongs Festival Choir have emerged under the auspice of the Ardeleana Chamber Music Society, and along with the numerous creativity-evoking community programs that the society hosts throughout the year have unified under the title of Whispering River Music.

String Quartet
The girl's hand on the strings of a viol
Orchestra conductor on stage
Playing Cello

Who We Are


Brenda Margaret Muller

Artistic Director & Founder / Principle Instructor

From her roots as a classically trained cellist, Brenda Margaret Muller has gone on to create conceptual events that weave together poetry, music and song. Working as a Musician, Poet, and Songwriter, as well as Artistic Director for the past 30 years, Brenda has created inter-arts events across the province, founded and directed  the Ardeleana Chamber Music Society, and released 6 recordings with her trio, Ardeleana, including a CD of original cabaret songs, Wolf At My Door, and the first CD to feature only music by Canadian Women – Spinners of Starlight (1997).  


She holds an Honours degree in Music Performance from the University of Western Ontario, a Mus. Ed and Honours Specialist in Music from O.I.S.E. University of Toronto.  She is currently the founder and director of Whispering River Orchestra, and Riversongs, a 10 day Community Celebration of Music, Poetry and Art in Parry Sound, Ontario.

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