Riversongs Festival 2018

Music, Poetry, Art


"From Silver Nets" - Music for Strings

Opening Gala Performance

The Third Annual Riversongs Festival opens with the Whispering River Orchestra performing a number of orchestral works, featuring favourites from composers such as Vivaldi and Britten, as well as the World Premier of Canadian Composer Sergei Kofman's On Wings of Fire, With a number of local guest artisits plus a performance from the Parry Sound String Pals, the opening gala promises to light the musical fire within us all!

Guest artists include: Celine Cascanette, Margaret Kamerman, Chris Todd, Jenna Gallagher, Fabian Arciniegas.

"Spirits Talk in Song" - Music for Choir and Orchestra

Closing Gala Performance

The Riversongs Festival Choir and the Whispering River Orchestra present a number of Opera Choruses from composers such as Mozart, Verdi and Mendelssohn, featuring soloists Elizabeth Peters, soprano, Celine Cascanette, mezzo, and Fabian Arciniegas, tenor. Our closing gala also plays host to a handful of World Premiers from a number of Canadian Composers; Steven Duff's Invictus, Chia Yin Wu's arrangement of Psalm 31, and Pat Morehead's Sheshegwaning all promise to deliver the style of captivating premier performance only found during Riversongs!

Music Bee the Food of Love

Cooking Sessions

Do you think creativity can be found anywhere? So do we! Come discover the hidden creativity you never knew you had; kitchen creativity! We have an experienced team of 'creative cooks' excited and waiting to help you ignite your creative soul through food. With workshops focusing on Healthy Eating, gourmet French Cooking, and delicious Cake Decorating, there's something for everyone to pour their soul into.

Cooking Sessions: $30 per Session