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Purchase a ticket for in-person attendance

Join us March 26th, 2021 @ 7:30pm for our
Hive-brid Coffee House for an energizing, relaxing and revitalizing session from local talent and musicians from far and wide!

Tickets for Friday's coffee House can be purchased by following this link:

"I loved the coffee you had at the Coffee House!  Is it available for purchase?"

Yes!  Scroll Below to find out more about our partnership with MyIndieCoffee!

The ZZZoom On Hive-brid Coffee House Series
Wondering where to have some coffee?

Our Coffee House will be held in person at the Foley Community Centre (directions below) or by connecting with us over Zoom from the comfort of your own home! 

"I heard there are performances!  Am I able to perform too?"

Absolutely!  We have limited, in-person and socially distanced seating options for those who would like to perform live.  If performing through Zoom, simply wait until called upon and you can begin!  Zoom links will be sent on the day of the Coffee House!


When purchasing a ticket through Trellis (link below), please specify if you would like to perform.  If unable to specify through trellis, please contact Brenda Muller at 905 - 960 - 9281 to confirm you are performing. 


"How long should I play for and what if I want to play longer?"

We are encouraging performers to prepare 10 - 15 minutes of music to share with the community. 


If you've gotten the performance bug and would like to play for longer, simply let us know ahead of time and we will schedule accordingly! 

"I am a singer and am coming in person.  Does the Foley Community Centre have covid safe areas?"

Yes!  Any vocalists who would like to perform will be pleased to know that we have Covid safe precautions in place.  Vocalists will be singing from behind our Whispering River Shower Curtain Stalls to protect our in-person audience from any droplets that may occur while singing.

"Will I be able to Warm-up before performing?"

Yes.  Will have a rehearsal session from 6-7 pm at the Foley Community Centre so that anyone who is wanting to practice their pieces or sets will be able to do so!

Come Experience an Energizing, Relaxing and Revitalizing to help fight those Covid Blues and lift your spirits!  

We Hope to see you ZZZooming over to Foley or ZZZooming in from online!  
Tickets Are Pay what you can

In Person Tickets
$5 // $10 // $15 // $20 // $25 Pay what you can options are available

Online Zoom Tickets
$5 // $10 // $15 // $20 // $25 Pay what you can options are available

Tickets for Friday's coffee House can be purchased by following this link:

Directions to Foley Community Centre: 


Free Trade, Organic, Freshly Roasted


Partnered with MyIndieCoffee, Whispering River Music is currently raising funds to support our String Pals programmes with freshly roasted arabica bean coffee blends.


On hand we regularly carry a small selection of

Three Bean Blends (Signature Roast & Espresso Roast) ​and

Single Origin Roasts (Colombian & Peruvian Swiss Water Decaf), and we are able to order any other blends at your request below.

Click each bag to find out more!