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"I am thrilled that Kupala Dream will be performed by the Whispering River Orchestra! 

I believe it will be the first performance of my music in Canada!

The piece was written in 2017 for a Summer Solstice Concert of Lincolnwood chamber orchestra with Phil Simmons, conducting.

Kupala night (known as St. John’s night in the West) is a Slavic holiday celebrated on the night from June 21 to June 22, or the Summer solstice. I used the folk melodies popular in Ukraine, Belorussia, and other Eastern European countries to portray the magic atmosphere of a summer night filled with joy, and love. The customs of this celebration are for example for eligible girls to make a flower wreath and let them in the water; if it floats, it means that the girl will get married and will live a happy life afterward. Another custom is to jump over the fire, and ritual bathing. And of course, to sing songs and dance and eat a ceremonial dinner."

- Ilya Levinson

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