Music Moppets

A great place for your children to start learning about the fundamental concepts of music! Percussionist and certified Orff Instructor Zach Louch helps children as young as 3 years old to learn about concepts such as beat, rhythm, melody, harmony and improvisation through song, dance, musical games and body percussion exercises.

Providing a child with the gift of musical training has proven to be beneficial in many areas of development, and there’s no reason your child can’t start learning today! Our Music Moppets classes and private lessons provide resources and activities that allow children to explore their creativity and develop critical skills at a young age while having fun playing games, singing songs and creating music. Register your child now to reserve a spot in one of our classes, or get in touch to book private lesson times with Zach (parents are welcome and encouraged to join in).

Classes held at the Foley Community Centre

Ages 3 - 4

Mondays @ 4 pm

Ages 5 - 6

Thursdays@ 4 pm

Ages 7 - 9

Wednesdays@ 4 pm

Our Music Moppets class is available for the half term at $150 or for the full term at $300.

Zach is also available for private lessons AND Zoom lessons. Contact us to arrange lesson times that fit your schedule. 

Igniting Community Creativity


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