Riversongs Festival

June 15 - 23, 2018

Welcome to Riversongs, a community celebration of creativity. This annual 8 day Festival of Music, Art, and Poetry celebrates the community of musicians, poets, and artists in and around Parry Sound. We feature dedicated amateurs and professional musicians, choristers, poets, and artists who believe that building a community through music and the arts is a powerful and healing creative process. Experience the authenticity of our concerts and discover music that has never been heard before – kindle your life with song!


Gala Performances

Our Third Annual Celebration of Music, Poetry and Art kicks off the festivities in style with our opening gala, "From Silver Nets"- Music for Strings featuring the Whispering River Orchestra and the Parry Sound String Pals. The festival will also come to a close in a similar fashion, presenting our closing gala performance, "Spirits Talk in Song" - Music for Choir and Orchestra featuring the Whispering River Orchestra and the Riversongs Festival Choir. Both performances include a number of dedicated amateurs and professional guest musicians, and will also host a number of World Premiers from a selection of emerging and renowned Canadian Composers. These performances feature many musicians from our community and promise to inspire creativity. Come support the creative community around Parry Sound and experience the passion your community is bringing right to your doorstep!