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Piano and Art Sessions


4:00-5:30pm and 5:30-7:00pm Wednesdays


Multi-Age Groups:

Students in Grade 2-Grade 7 



Per Month $15/class

Per Term 10% off (September 19 - December 16) (January 16 - June 15)

Per Year flat rate of $400 (September - June) 


This a great program for your child to be introduced to the piano in a multi-age engaging arts community. 

Each session will involve:

-at least a 15-minute uninterrupted one-on-one lesson at the piano using books from the Faber series (books can be purchased or borrowed for the duration of the session)

-when not at the piano, students will engage in music theory activities and art exploration

Examples of art exploration:

  • Exploring tinting & shading

  • Exploring the colour wheel

  • Dabbling in sculpture

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