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Engaging the Creative Spirit

Whispering River Music is both an ONCA compliant Ontario Not for Profit and, as Ardeleana Chamber Music Society, a Federally Registered Canadian Charity. The organizatio has supported Canadian music for over 35 years by providing educational arts programs and concerts for children, youth and adults, and commissioning and recording Canadian composers. In 2014 the ACMS started the Whispering River Music in Parry Sound, to kindle the spirit of creative musical community in this area. serves the whole community regardless of a person’s skill-level, financial availability, or experience. W.R.M. believes that music fosters life-long learning, true friendships, real communities, and good mental health. Through local partnership and support,

Whispering River Music continues to flourish, do things differently, and maintains a commitment not just to excellence,

but to kindness, accessibility, and fun.

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Mission Statement

Through establishing a vibrant musical community in Parry Sound and other interested communities, Ardeleana Chamber Music Society/Whispering River Music seeks to build an innovative movement towards an enriched and authentic creativity in music in particular and the arts in general, in Canada.


We aim to:

  • Engage citizens of all ages in a variety of musical and inter-arts organisations and events, workshops, and broad educational endeavours that further local artistic growth and development.

  • Establish, as a cornerstone of the movement, the use of community based creative learning and participatory musical or inter-arts events, in order to encourage and mentor new generations, and to ensure sustainable growth and development of an authentic artistic community.

  • Provide a focus and center of excellence for innovative thinking in the arts through workshops, the preparation and performance of concert music, and the creation of new concert music by Canadian composers for community performance.

What We Do


  • Music lessons for the Whole Community

  • Family and Individual Scholarships

  • Private/Group Classes

  • Orchestral Strings

  • Orff Music for Kids

  • Summer Music/Art/Drama Camp

  • Public School Programmes

  • Senior/Youth Programmes


  • Concerts Featuring Culture and Community

  • Performances Recognizing Times of Giving

  • Connecting Families Through Music

  • Inter-Arts Events Inspiring Artistic Exploration and Premiering New Works by Canadian Composers


  • Community Orchestra and Choir

  • Opportunities for Young Artists

  • Workshops for Locals Lead by Professional Instructors

  • Pop-Up Concerts promoting Local Businesses

Check out our Geodesic Dome: a unique, creative, and fun year-round teaching space!

Next to our Dome is our Outdoor Stage! Used for annual events such as

Summer Solstice Celebration, Whispering River Music Day Camp, and Foley Fall Fair.

The back of the stage is a mural which is painted by kids in Camp.

Located at Foley Fall Fairgrounds: 60 Rankin Lake Road, Foley, ON.

Board of Directors

Elena Rogozhkina, Chair

Mark Tam, Treasurer

Allison Liang, Secretary

Linda Gibson

Mary Smith

Janet Borneman

Roman Shkwarok

Staff/Creative Team

Brenda Margaret Muller: Artistic Director

Shannon Lai

Zach Louch

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