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Whispering River Music presents

Solstice Weekend Music Day Camp

Private Lessons • Workshops • Open Rehearsals

Saturday June 19: Lessons and Workshops

Sunday June 20: Long Time Players Open Rehearsals and Clinics

All Weekend at

Foley Community Hall

60 Rankin Lake Rd., Foley, ON

**Bring Your Own Lunch**
Our Commitment to COVID-19 Safety 

In these uncertain times, we are committed to making sure you and your children are safe at Riversongs!  We are taking all the necessary precautions to run our Riversongs Events.  Our concerts will have limited seating and all performances will be held outdoors (weather permitting).  We will also enforce social distancing protocols and have smaller groups during performances and weekend event sessions.  If we come and make music, art and poetry, together we can show the strength of the human spirit!

Invitation To Play and Learn

Learn how to play a new instrument! Free lesson, but donations are welcomed! Join us for a weekend of music and the arts. Open drop-in lessons and art table for creative exploration on Saturday June 19th from 9:30-1pm!

For further information contact us at: or call Brenda Muller at 905-960-9281.  We hope to see you there!




June. 19th ● 7:30 PM

Join hosts

Rick Capreol & Brenda Margaret Muller

Paul & Ella Cowan 

WRO Summer Students & local musical friends

How Can You Join Us?

FM Radio [Parking Lot Concert]

Watch Online

Participate via Zoom from home

 ​• Zoom-In Candlelight Solstice Celebration 

We invite you to Zoom in your solstice celebration from your backyard!

(remember - no more than 10 people)


June 19th • 9:30AM - 4:30PM

Lessons & Workshops for String Pals & Beginners

Register Here for:

- String Pal & Beginners Lesson/Workshop

- Music Moppet Workshop

Our Faculty:

Music Moppets 

○ Zach Louch
Arts & Crafts Table

○ Mary Smith &
   Emily Lam


 ○ Sonia Klimasko

 ○ Jamie Arrowsmith


○ Brenda Margret Muller

 ○ Timothy Fitzgerald

Our Wonderful

○ Summer Students

9:30 AM - 1 PM:

  • Lessons & Workshops for String Pals and Beginners - Meet and greet a new instrument! Learn to play the violin, viola, cello, double bass, clarinet, flute, piano, or percussion. Instructed by Sonia Klimasko (violin & viola), Katja Mathys (violin), Jamie Arrowsmith (viola), Brenda Margaret Muller (cello), Timothy Fitzgerald (bass) and our wonderful Summer students!

  • Music Moppets classes - Percussionist and certified Orff Instructor Zach Louch helps children as young as 3 years old to learn about concepts such as beat, rhythm, melody, harmony and improvisation through song, dance, musical games and body percussion exercises.

  • Creative Communities Arts & Crafts table - Paint your wooden plaque and share your Covid story! Post your story online at our Humphrey Nature Trails: Creative Communities Blog and add it to the Humphrey Trails: Rabbit Trail.

  • Occasional Outdoor Games - With Covid safe protocols in place, enjoy games with friends or meet new ones. 

B.Y.O. Lunch - Food will not be served due to Covid protocols

2 PM - 4:30 PM:

  • Whispering River Sumer Orchestra Open Rehearsal - Long Time Players rehearse the following repertoire:

  • Beethoven, Egmont Overture

  • Haydn Trumpet Concerto in E flat - all movements.- Ryan Wettlaufer soloist

  • Mendelssohn Midsummers night dream ( Overture, no. 1, no. 7, no. 11, finish with the wedding march - no. 9)

    Strings only:

    • Frontlines - Janet Danielson

    • Music from Humphrey Trails - Muller and grade 4,5,6 classes at Humphrey)    (strings only - Waltz and Elegy, Tchaikovsky String Serenade - more if there is time)

    • Summer Orchestra - Dvorak String Serenade - first movement, rest of the Tchaiakovsky - also new music pieces so we are solid - please add in Shahid and Danielson. 

7:30 PM - 9:30 PM:

  • Solstice Candlelight Coffee House Concert - Celebrate the longest day of the year by lighting a candle with everyone through Zoom! 

  • How Can You Join Us? 

    • Participate and perform via Zoom from home​ (Register Below)

    • FM Radio [Parking Lot Concert]

    • Watch Online