Ardeleana Chamber Music Society's
Annual General Meeting

Reserve the Date:

Nov 14th

Saturday, November 14, 2020

You are invited to our Annual General Meeting on Saturday, November 14 at 10 am as well as our Vimeo live stream concert on November 15 at 2 pm (information and link will be sent out in a separate email.)

You may attend in person or via zoom – please register for in-person so we can keep you safe during the pandemic – numbers will be dictated by current health advisories.

We are in a very large, well ventilated room at the Foley  Community  Hall, currently allowing 50 people in a space normally designated for 250 – we should be safe


The agenda is as follows:


10 am – 12 am           Visioning Session at Foley Community Hall

-        As we come to the end of our three year Trillium Grant, and begin a new stage of our Community Music Program, how would you like to

       see us move forward?

-        We are putting in an application to purchase yurts to create a movable, Covid-resistant community arts hub. Help us think this through!

-        How can we continue to help our community through the pandemic?


Please join us and help us shape our vision for next year.


12 pm    Lunch catered by the Foley Agricultural Society

                                     Cost: $15

Please RSVP for the lunch if you can, it helps us estimate the numbers. Also, let us know any dietary restrictions. Email:


1 pm – 2.30 pm          AGM reports and elections


-       Chair’s Report (10 min.)

-       Artistic Director Report (10 min)

-       Treasurer Report (10 min.)

-       Production Manager Report (5 min.)

-       Fundraising Report (5 min.)

-       Property Report (5 min.)

-       Orchestra Rep Report (5 min.)

-       Choir Rep Report (5 min.)

-       Youth Report (5 min.)


-       Elections of Officers


-       Slate for 2020/21 confirmed by Nov 4


3 pm    Dress Rehearsal for Vimeo Concert November 15


Please join our Visioning Session and be part of building our organization. You are part of our team and we are excited to have your input and create our future together.

To vote at the AGM, become an Ardeleana Chamber Music Society member for $25. To purchase the membership online, click here or pay at the door.