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Summer Solstice Celebration
Painting by Bert Weir, 001876, oil on canvas 36" x 36" 2009
Wednesday June 21st
Foley Community Hall and Fairgrounds
60 Rankin Lake Rd, Foley, ON
Celebrate National Indigenous Day, International Music Day, and Summer Solstice with Whispering River Music in Cultural workshops
and a respectful outdoor Gathering honouring the sacred traditions of
the Ojibwe, Metis, and Settlers from all parts of the world.

2:30pm to 4pm - Cultural Workshops

Foley Community Hall

All ages and musical levels welcome from complete beginners to advanced players! Register today in two one-hour workshops. Limited to 40 participants.

  • Metis Fiddling OR Indigenous Teachings around Gatherings, Music, the Strawberry Moon, and Reconciliation


  • Beginning Strings and Basic Fiddling (instruments provided) OR Broom Dancing and Basic Jigging

4:30pm - Summer Solstice Gathering and Concert

WRM Community Outdoor Stage at the Foley Fairgrounds

Special Guests:

Laval Williams of Little Creek Traditional Drum

Jacinthe Trudeau, Metis Fiddler

Whispering River Orchestra


Ceremonial Opening

Performance by Akira Hamel Nanibush (Whispering River Music student) on viola

Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major (Johann Sebastian Bach) - performed by Whispering River Orchestra

  • Ouverture

  • Air

  • Gavotte I/II

  • Bourree

  • Gigue

Round Dance - lead by Laval Williams 

Metis Fiddle Song - performed by Jacinthe Trudeau and Jeff Wiseman. Jiggers are invited to participat!

Simple Symphony Op. 4 (Benjamin Britten) - performed by Whispering River Orhcestra

  • Boisterous Bourree

  • Sentimental Sarabande

  • Frolicsome Finale

Metis Fiddle Song - performed by Jacinthe Trudeau and Jeff Wiseman. Jiggers are invited to participat!

Symphony No. 94 in G Major "Surprise" Symphony (Franz Joseph Haydn) - performed by Whispering River Orchestra

  • Adagio cantabile - Vivace assai

  • Andante

  • Finale: Allegro molto

Ceremonial Closing

**Kids, adults, and seniors are welcome to go to the back of our outdoor stage at anytime throughout the Concert/Gathering to paint the stage with Métis Floral Patterns with Cassie Horley and Pam Moorhouse!**

About our Guests

Little Creek Traditional Drum

Laval Williams is the Caretaker of the Little Creek Traditional Grandfather Drum which resonates the Heartbeat of Mother Earth. 

Jacinthe Trudeau

Jacinthe Trudeau's love affair with music began the very first time a small violin was placed in her hands. She was six years old at the time. Being a warm, honest, positive, sweet, uncomplicated person, she became a masterful musician with a thorough understanding of her instrument. There doesn’t seem to be a musical style with which Jacinthe doesn’t feel at home. She currently resides in Sudbury where she juggles a busy schedule as a studio musician, performer and teacher. She runs her fully bilingual music studio teaching students of all ages. She is the 1996 Canadian Junior Fiddle Champion and the 1998 Canadian Fiddler Entertainer of the Year. She also has a B.Sc. specialised in Mathematics and a teachable in Music from the Laurentian University. Her first CD entitled “ECHO” won her the 2000 Canadian Aboriginal Music Award for Best Folk Album. Jacinthe performs cutting edge original music and arrangements with virtuosity and passion.  She brings her fresh and invigorating instrumental style to the stage and genuinely connects with audiences of all ages. From her soulful and expressive playing, to her own feisty compositions, Jacinthe’s love of fiddle music is evident in her playing.

Our Orchestra


Artistic Director Brenda Margaret Muller

Violin I

Clare Pellerin, concertmaster

Katja Mathys

Tristan Simm

Anna Nuedling

Violin II

Paula Calzonetti

Nancy Regan

Kathleen Moquin

Aria Nedell


Jamie Arrowsmith

Behn Strople

Brian Oxley

Sofiia Livinska


Brenda Margaret Muller

Shannon Lai

Judith White

Linda Gibson

Louise Nicksy


Val Wilshynsky

Zach Louch


Peter Culjak


Jeff Robertson

Elizabeth McArton



Larkin Hinder



Roy Feuerherdt

Ryan Wettlaufer

Louis Tusz

French Horn

Jane Haapiseva

Maggie Niro


Dan McCoy


Zach Louch

A glance of our last year's Solstice Celebration Gathering

A Special Thank You to

PSI new logo trees.png

For providing accommodation for our musicians 


Linda Gibson and our volunteers

for their continual support through our Beer Cans and Bottle Drive! 

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