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humphrey trails

Humphrey Nature Trails:
Creative Community Happens Here

Whispering River Music’s Creative Communities project is based on an old storyteller’s saying:

“When you tell one story, you should always tell two. That way the stories will lean on each other”.

The first of these, the “Humphrey Nature Trails: Creative Community Happens Here” project, invites families and community members to tell their own stories in response to twelve Covid-19 art installations along Rabbit Run Trail built by the students of Humphrey Public School.

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Each station has a question about personal response to the pandemic generated by the  grade 6 class. 


Twelve Questions:

1 - Where have you found joy this year? What can you still do that makes you happy?

2 - Did you enjoy parts of the lockdown?

3 - Where have you found boredom?

4 - Have you been more creative? What have you created?

5 - How have you connected with family and friends? Where have you found comfort?

6 - Have you found yourself lazier?

7 - Where have you experienced frustration?

8 - How has Covid-19 affected your life? Have you learned anything from the experience?

9 - Where have you experienced sadness?

10 - What have you lost? What have you found?

11 - Have you been angry?

12 - What are you grateful for?

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Video Launch

Children LOVE Music

Music Moppets

Where young children discover the concept of rhythm, harmony, and improvisation through musical games. Now Online!

Zach teaching Music Moppets at the Parry Sound Forest School 

WRO Beer Can and Bottle Drive is AMAZING - and is helping to fund our programs for kids. 

Special Thanks!

To all who made donations to keep the music going!

Special thanks to

Shirley Watkinson, Larry & Linda Columbo, Linda Gibson and Kilbear Marina

for their hard work and contribution!


Watch to find out more!

Fall lessons at Foley Community Center. 6 minutes away from Sobeys. 

For the children and adults of all skill levels!

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