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Our Donors

Your donations help create scholarships! Children and families in need, with your help, are loaned instruments and provided exceptional year-round programmes. Donations provide support for current and future programming in addition to government funding. The Ardeleana Chamber Music Society (A.C.M.S.) is a registered Canadian charity founded in 1987.

We salute all of our donors and honour their contributions.

Gold Level

($1000 and up)

Anonymous in Memory of Rusty Anonymous


Peter Sibbald-Brown

Marilyn and Rick Capreol

Linda Gibson and Susie Surette Valarie Koziol Rose Point Marina

Brenda Margaret Muller

Ballentine Construction

Knights of Columbus

Gold Donations in Kind

(Donated work over $1000)

Ryan Wettlaufer

Peter Gibson

Katja Mathys

Zach Louch

Shannon Lai

Silver Level

($500 - $999)

Edward Carlton

Terry Clark

Engle and Volkers Real Estate

Suzanne Hemmingsen

Millicent Lane

Ching Li Lieu

Pam Morehouse

Brian Oxley

Tyson Shurr

Matt Smith


($25 - $99)

Fabián Arciniegas

Celine Cascanette

Artis Crawford

Barthelemy Djomnatchadeu

Kevin Donovan

Fern Harris

Bronze Level


Lynne Atkinson

Chris Bowden

Sarah Cassidy

Dr. John Collins

John Crean

Kira Braun Diamandas

Kim Doran

David Hill

Emily Lam

Susan Low-Beer

Elizabeth Marshall

David Matheson

Philip Morehead

Andrew Muller

Louise Nicksy

Gary Pattison

Candy Pletzer

Patricia Poole

Carmen Quesnel

Nancy Regan Kim

McEwen Shadgett

Marie Shurr Mary

Smith Gwyneth and Terry Storr

Alan Torok

Carol Ann Weaver

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