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Sept. 18th ● 7:00 PM

A 40 Year Garden

Join host Singer Songwriter

Katherine Wheatley

Margaret Kamerman ● Kyung A Lee

Paul & Ella Cowan ● Patricia & Phillip Morehead 

& music from inspiring local artists


Sept. 19th 

A 40 Year Garden

Drop In: 10 AM - 11 AM

Private lessons: 10 AM - 12 PM

Brenda Muller Headshots.png


Sonia Klimasko             Brenda Margaret


Violin/Viola                   Cello


Emma Vachon                    Terry Storr

      Violin/Viola                        Clarinet

Emily Sun          


Emily Sun Headshot.png

Workshops for Beginners

9 AM: 

  • Creative Kayaking with Katja Mathys at Foley Matheson Beach 

10 AM - 11 AM:

  • Drop In Workshops for Beginners - Meet and greet a new instrument! Learn to play the violin, viola, cello, double bass, clarinet, flute, piano, or percussion. Instructed by Sonia Klimasko (violin & viola), Emily Sun (violin & viola), Emma Vachon (violin & viola), Brenda Margaret Muller (cello), and Terry Storr (clarinet & woodwinds). Limited to 10 minutes per person.

10:30 AM - 11 AM:

  • Music Moppets with Zach Louch

10 AM - 12 PM:

  • Private lessons - available with Sonia Klimasko, Emily Sun, Emma Vachon, Terry Storr, and Brenda Margaret Muller.

  • Drop In Mask Making and Arts & Crafts with Cassie Horley

For more information about our faculty, click here.

12 PM:

  • Creative Sustainability: Discussion Circle - exploring the relationship between businesses and art to create a sustainable future

Brenda Margaret Muller, Artistic Director of Whispering River Orchestra with composer Janet Danielson

Katherine Wheatley, Singer Songwriter

Carol Ann Weaver, Composer

Jana Skarecky, Artist & Composer

Marilyn Capreol, First Nations Elder

Wave Weir, Fashion Designer & Textile Artist

Mayor Ann MacDiarmid, Seguin

Kelli Ebbs, Muskoka North Good Food Coop

Wanda Davis, vendor (all vendors are also invited to join)

1 PM - 2:30 PM:

  • Poetry Workshop with Gwyneth Storr 

1:30 PM:

  • Composition Circle with Janet Danielson - Meet Janet Danielson, the composer of this weekend's premier! Try your hand at composing your own music or simply listen to a riveting discussion surrounding the composition of Danielson's piece, Frontlines.

  • Songwriting with Katherine Wheatley

  • Workshop on the Textile Mill Project with Wave Weir

3 PM:

  • Orchestral Workshop for Intermediate and Advanced Players - Play and prepare repertoire for Sunday's concert, including Frontlines by Janet Danielson. Led by Brenda Margaret Muller and David McFadden.

Sept. 20th ● 3:00 PM

A Concert from the Garden with the WRO

Opening and Closing Ceremony with Marilyn Capreol

Kye Marshall*: Land of the Silver Birch

Jana Skarecky*: Fantasy on J’entends le moulin | Mary Gardiner: Two Songs

Fantasy For Cello & Orchestra: Patricia Morehead | Diane Berry**: October Blaze

Carol Ann Weaver: Selections from Georgian Bay Suite


World Premier of Frontlines by Janet Danielson (Riversongs A.C.W.C Award 2020)

*Recipient of previous Riversongs Commission Awards

**Recipient of the 2019 Bert Weir Commission Award

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