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Sept. 25th ● 7:00 PM

Bert Weir Days

Join host singer songwriter 

Terry Christenson

Ken Christenson ● Brenda and Rick

The Usual Suspects ● Fabian Arcinegas

& more from original local artists

Sept. 26th 

Bert Weir Days

Workshops for Beginners

Drop In: 10 AM - 11 AM

Private lessons: 10 AM - 12 PM

Brenda Muller Headshots.png


Sonia Klimasko             Brenda Margaret


Violin/Viola                   Cello


Emma Vachon                    Terry Storr

      Violin/Viola                        Clarinet


Katherine Wheatley

Terry & Ken Christienson

Brenda and Rick Capreol

The Ardeleana Trio (Spirit Essence)

The Usual Suspects

WRO Chamber Musicians

Marilyn Capreol

Inter-Arts Jam with

Composer & Artist Alan Torok

1:30 - 5:30 PM

9 AM: 

  • Creative Kayaking with Katja Mathys at Foley Matheson Beach 

10 AM - 11 AM:

  • Drop In Workshops for Beginners - Meet and greet a new instrument! Learn to play the violin, viola, cello, double bass, clarinet, flute, piano, or percussion. Instructed by Sonia Klimasko (violin & viola), Emma Vachon (violin & viola), Brenda Margaret Muller (cello), and Terry Storr (clarinet & woodwinds). Limited to 10 minutes per person.

10:30 AM - 11 AM:

  • Music Moppets with Zach Louch

10 AM - 12 PM:

  • Private lessons - available with Sonia Klimasko, Emma Vachon, Terry Storr, and Brenda Margaret Muller.

  • Drop In Mask Making and Arts & Crafts with Cassie Horley

For more information about our faculty, click here.

12 PM:

  • Sustaining Nature with Culture: Discussion Circle - exploring the relationship between businesses and art to create a sustainable future

Brenda Margaret Muller, Artistic Director of Whispering River Orchestra with Composer and Artist Alan Torok

Climate Action Parry Sound (CAPS)

Terry & Ken Christienson

The Weir Family Trust: Wave Weir & Joy Allan

Mayor Ann MacDiarmid, Seguin

Kelli Ebbs, Muskoka North Good Food Coop

Wanda Davis, vendor (all vendors are also invited to join)

For more information about the late artist Bert Weir, click here.

1:30 PM: 

3 PM:

  • Orchestral Workshop for Intermediate and Advanced Players - Play and prepare repertoire for Sunday's concert, including Elgar, Mozart, and Britten. Led by Brenda Margaret Muller and David McFadden.

Sept. 27th ● 3:00 PM

Riversongs 2020 Closing Concert with the WRO

Opening and Closing Ceremony with Marilyn Capreol

Elgar: Serenade for Strings | Britten: Simple Symphony (1st movement) |

Selections from Mozart 

The Bert Weir Memorial Commission premiere (Alan Torok's Morning at the Bushwall is postponed until June, 20, 2021. Save the date!

*Note: To ensure audience safety, any music that involves performers travelling from the south or from Sudbury to the Parry Sound area has been reprogrammed. 


**Please wear a mask and come and enjoy our local community orchestra.

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