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Strings Pals

The perfect place for children to start learning how to play
violin, viola, cello, or double bass!

This group class teaches students the basics of playing and caring for
stringed instruments, introduces and further their knowledge of music theory,
including reading music notation, and helps them develop critical
communication skills by learning and performing with a group.

Older students act as "String Pals" and assist younger students,
reinforcing their existing skills and developing additional communication skills.

Wednesdays 4 pm

Or Call 705-996-0736 to Register

Classes held in our Geodesic Dome at the Foley Fairgrounds

60 Rankin Lake Rd, Foley ON

Strings Pals: $80/Month or $600/Year

Need payment assistance?

Let's see how we can help:

As a Registered Canadian Charity, Whispering River Music is committed to providing our community quality educational opportunities in the music and the arts regardless of age, skill-level, or financial abilities. If you are seeking full or partial scholarships, please contact us.

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